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A dialectical journal is a worksheet that assists you with analysis of a text that you have read. This year, you will complete five different types of dialectical journals.


Blank Worksheets

If you need a copy of the dialectical journals, you may grab them in the classroom on the blue shelf. Be sure to grab the correct color. If you are at home and need to print a dialectical journal, you may click on this link.

Samples & Explanations

#1: Summarizing, Observing, and Questioning

Sample Dialectical Journal #1

I use pink paper for the SOQ dialectical journals.

#2: Character Analysis

Sample Dialectical Journal #2

I use orange paper for the character dialectical journals.

#3: Literary or Rhetorical Analysis of Mood

Sample Dialectical Journal #3

I use yellow paper for the mood dialectical journals.

#4: Analysis of Theme

Sample Dialectical Journal #4

I use green paper for the theme dialectical journals.

#5: Symbolism

Sample Dialectical Journal #5

I use blue paper for the symbolism dialectical journals. - Put four ~ marks here to sign your page.

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